Former NBA baller Jeff Adrien has recently confirmed the news on why Lebron James and Jay-Z are no longer best buddies as it used to be. Jeff went on a Twitter secret leaking charade yesterday as he called out Lebron James about the act, and he was going to spill it all out for everybody to know.


The past few years, Jay-Z and Lebron James were best buddies as they organize parties and family vacations together, but all of a sudden, the once good old buddies are now distant.

Though Jeff also confirmed that Lebron James was not lucky to smash Beyonce.

See his tweet below:




Jay-Z appeared in Los Angeles in the courtroom on Wednesday to testify in a copyright infringement over his song, "Big Pimpin." Jay-z and Timbaland by the heir of an Egyptian composer,  Baligh Hamdi, who created the 1957 hit song, “Khosara Khosara” that contains some elements of the Jay-z song, "Big Pimpin".


Jay-z testifies for 90 mins recounting his life, successes, and creative processes leading to producing the hit song with Timbaland. When the opponent's attorney asked why he didn't ensure they had rights to the song before they released the single, Jay-z said;

 I didn’t think there was a sample in it," said Jay Z (real name Shawn Carter). "Timbaland presented me with a track. I didn’t even think about there being a sample," he continued, noting Timbaland is known for rarely sampling.

Showing the juror a physical copy of the album,Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter, Jay-z said; We have the rights as you can see on the bottom of the CD, while pointing to the line that credits "Khosara Khosara".

Watch Jay-z and Timbaland leaving court...


Jay-z said that he thought the rights to “Khosara Khosara” had been properly negotiated after issues were raised following the release of “Big Pimpin’.”

According to Jay-z and Timbaland lawyers, Hamdi's family had been repeatedly paid for the use of the song.

Listen to Khosara Khosara here


Listen to Jay-z big pimpin here


Round 1, Fight : Birdman is taking Jay-Z to court over his streaming service, Tidal that recently streamed the Lil Wayne's Free Weezy Album, claiming it is the only one with the exclusive rights to Lil Wayne's music, and TIDAL is only an illegal intermeddler.


In a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Cash Money says that Jay-Z fledgling company is now  resorting to a "a desperate and illegal attempt to save their struggling streaming service.”

TIDAL has responded to the claim of of cash money records,saying that  cash money does not have the exclusive rights to Wayne Music, and that Wayne specifically gave it rights to stream his music in return for part ownership in the company.

Cash Money also trashes Wayne's Free Weezy's album, saying it got "tewpid reviews" and could hurt Cash Money attempt to exploit Wayne's music

Netizens was amazed on Saturday night after the "lollipop" rapper, Lil Wayne announced in his KMEL Summer Jam in Oakland that he just signed with Roc Nation, Lil Wayne said :

  I just signed a deal with my motherf–king idol Jay Z.


With fans of Lil Wayne knowing all has gone south with his former label boss, Birdman, the whole internet had assumed he had signed a deal with Roc Nation as the latest artist. 

But the assumption was wrong, when Lil Wayne was talking about signing a deal with Jay-Z, he was only talking about his partnership deal with Jay-Z as artist owner of the new streaming platform, Tidal, and had dropped a track, Glory, as a good faith on his deal, which was exclusive only on Tidal.


Though Lil Wayne had been one of Jay-Z greatest fan, he had once said that Jay-Z's "Lucky Me" track is his all time favourite, and he had "Lucky Me" tattooed on his neck and a verse from the song on his leg.

Jay-Z had wanted to sign Lil Wayne to Roc Nation at a time, but the label boss, Birdman stopped all efforts to Weezy. He said :

  I felt it was only right to call him. I called him out of respect like, 'Yo, I was talking to Wayne. Just to let you know, Jay-Z told power 105.1 radio



Marina Abramović had accused Jay-Z of completely using her after he shot his Picasso Baby" video in her studio. Marina had granted an interview to Spikeheart Magazine where she allegedly said the Brooklyn rapper had used her and what transpired between both of them was a one-way transaction and that Jay-Z completely used her.


Read the piece:

  How did you feel when Jay-Z told you that he would be adapting “The Artist is Present” for his music video “Picasso Baby” in 2013?

I didn’t feel much. There are hundreds of people adapting my work. I have young pop groups who adapt my work. Just now, somebody’s made a porno movie called “Zadie is present”, have you seen that? [laughs] It’s insane! 

But the difference with Jay-Z was that you yourself took part in his video shoot.


You did plan the shoot and your appearance together?

The day before, he came to my office and I gave him an entire power point presentation and said: okay, you can help me, because I really need help to build this thing. Then he just completely used me. And that wasn’t fair. This is very different from Lady Gaga, for example, who has done great work for me. Just by having 45 million followers, she brought all these young kids into my public.

Do you regret having supported Jay-Z?

I don’t look at things this way. Right now in my life, things happen. I don’t bother anymore. My life hasn’t been easy. There are very few performers from my generation even being considered. I’m a survivor. It’s very hard to be up there all the time. I could just do an exhibition at MoMA and go home, and it would be history. I didn’t need to kill myself with “The Artist is Present”. I also didn’t need to be here in São Paulo for two months doing workshops, doing eight lectures, working with this community. I do this because I believe in it. I feel responsible for performance in general.

When you rubbed your forehead with Jay-Z's, it seemed like an economical transaction: I grant you the right to use my piece, but in reverse you have to provide a space for my brand within your campaign.

And in the end it was only a one-way transaction. I will never do it again, that I can say. Never. I was really naive in this kind of world. It was really new to me, and I had no idea that this would happen. It’s so cruel, it’s incredible. I will stay away from it for sure.

Jay-Z Camps Reacts To The Interview

When the news of Marina Abramović went viral on the internet, Jay-Z camp has reacted to the accusation that she(Marina) was used by Jay-Z.

The Picasso Baby producer, Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn reads part of the document that was sent to them after the donation : 

    “Thank you for your donation"

The receipt is marked with W984804 and acknowledges a substantial donation, Greenberg Rohatyn said.


 Marina Abramović  apologizes to the hip-hop mogul, Jay-Z after it was confirmed that Jay-Z had donated all that was promised. A statement issued reads:

 Marina Abramovic was not informed of Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter’s donation from two years ago when she recently did an interview with Spike magazine in Brazil,We are sincerely sorry to both      Marina Abramovic and Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter for this, and since then we have taken to appropriate actions to reconcile this matter.”

Watch Picasso Baby Video:



Jay-Z had just released an epic freestyle exclusive on TIDAL as he comes out to defend the new music streaming service after the media tagged it to be "Failing".  In the one minute, 40 second video, Jay-Z talked about how artists are paid token for their services.


While speaking at the Jay Z - Tidal B-Sides Concert, Jay-Z bragged about how he never takes no checks, but instead take his respects and defends TIDAL against competitors like Spotify and Youtube.

  “I don’t need no middlemen to talk to my ni**as / I understand if you don’t understand I figure my ni**a / That’s where we differ / I take what’s mine you accept what they give you / I get you / I don’t take no checks / I take my respect / Pharrell even told me ‘Go with the best bet’ / Jimmy Iovine offered the safety net / Google came around with a crazy check / I feel like YouTube is the culp-a-rit /. Ni**as pay you a tenth of what you supposed to get / You know ni**a die for equal pay, right? You know what I’m worth / I ain’t your slave right / You know I ain’t shucking and jivin’ and high fivin’ / You know this ain’t back in the days right / But I can’t tell by the way they kill Freddie Gray right / Shot down / Mike Brown / Like the way they did Tray right? / Y’all gone’ keep choking’ ni**as / We gon’ turn style / I ain’t your token ni**a / You know I came in this game independent right / TIDAL / My own label / same difference / Oh ni**as is skeptical of they own shit / You bought nine iPhones and Steve Jobs is rich / Phil Knight worth trillions you still bought those kicks / Spotify’s nine billion and they ain’t say shit / ‘Lucyyy you got some splainin’ to do’ / The only one they hatin’ on look the same as you / That’s cool / I know they tryin’ to bamboozle you / Spending billions on meryin’ to confusin’ you / I had to tell myself ‘Hov, get used to it’ / It’s politics as usual.”

Watch Video here :


According to report, Pharell Williams got a token of $2700 for his "Happy" song even though it streamed 43million times on Pandora. Also Taylor Swift also said that a music streaming service like spotify is not adding to her art and has just ordered that all her catalogues from Spotify be pulled down because of the meagre amount they pay artists. 

Pharell has joined bandwagon of artists asking Youtube to remove some of their video from its online service.


The marriage between Jay-Z and Beyonce, known as the power couple of the entertainment industry seems to be heading to a brick as different reports rumoured that the 2 powerful superstars are having a difficult time in their marriage and recent appearances are for business purposes only.


The superstars have said to have hired a  damage control person that help the couple put the act fans see on Instagram and on stage while on the tour "On the run tour" which is said to come to an end in mid-september.

Jay-Z who is said to be tired of the act, had been making calls telling friends that immediately after the tour, he will release a statement as he is over the marriage and needs to put an end to the rumours.Also beyonce is been looking at bachelorrete pad that cost around $21.5 million dollars. But just like the act they played, she later posted a picture of Jay-Z and Blue Ivy on instagram to deny the rumour with the caption.

My favorite hue is Jay Z Blue 

But if by reports from insiders and close sources to the couple are true,  their 6 years marriage might soon be hitting the wall

After the fight that broke out between rapper Jay-z and Solange Knowles (read store here) few days ago, the Carters, who we may always let stories about them slide off decided to answer this one and therefore, released a press statement to Associated press.

As a result of the public release of the elevator security footage from Monday, May 5th, there has been a great deal of speculation about what triggered the unfortunate incident. But the most important thing is that our family has worked through it.

Jay and Solange each assume their share of responsibility for what has occurred. They both acknowledge their role in this private matter that has played out in the public. They both have apologized to each other and we have moved forward as a united family.

The reports of Solange being intoxicated or displaying erratic behavior throughout that evening are simply false. At the end of the day families have problems and we're no different. We love each other and above all we are family. We've put this behind us and hope everyone else will do the same.



A video surfaced online today showing Queen Bey sister Solange Knowles attacking one of the richest man in Hip Hop, Jay-z. The video shows Jay-z, Beyonce  and Solange Knowles leaving an event they both attended earlier together. 

About to enter the elevator is Solange attacking Jay-z and kicking him until he was separated from Jay-z by security personnel around the Carter family. The cause of this fight is not known, but we hope a press release is released soon.


It seems Jay-z have 99 problems and Solange is one.