Jay-z and Beyonce Marriage Rumoured To Crash Mid-September

The marriage between Jay-Z and Beyonce, known as the power couple of the entertainment industry seems to be heading to a brick as different reports rumoured that the 2 powerful superstars are having a difficult time in their marriage and recent appearances are for business purposes only.


The superstars have said to have hired a  damage control person that help the couple put the act fans see on Instagram and on stage while on the tour "On the run tour" which is said to come to an end in mid-september.

Jay-Z who is said to be tired of the act, had been making calls telling friends that immediately after the tour, he will release a statement as he is over the marriage and needs to put an end to the rumours.Also beyonce is been looking at bachelorrete pad that cost around $21.5 million dollars. But just like the act they played, she later posted a picture of Jay-Z and Blue Ivy on instagram to deny the rumour with the caption.

My favorite hue is Jay Z Blue 

But if by reports from insiders and close sources to the couple are true,  their 6 years marriage might soon be hitting the wall