Samuel Safaree

Nicki Minaj has responded to her ex, Safaree Samuel, during her concert in Toronto. This is in response to latest Safaree diss in his new song, Lifeline, where he said he ghostwrite lyrics on Nicki Minaj's pinkprint album.

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Nicki Minaj while addressing her fan in the concert takes some time out to address the Safaree diss. She said :

Til this day, I never stopped. You see, a bitch ass n**** can’t write my raps. You know why? You don’t have the heart, or the mindframe, or the motherf***ing intellect, bitch n****. You don’t even know how to pronounce these motherf***ing words of my motherf***ing raps, bitch,” Nicki told her fans, who immediately started applauding her after the public diss.

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Safaree had said while dissing both Meek Mill and his ex, Nicki Minaj, he said :

 My bars on ‘The Pinkprint’ no one will ever match

Meek Mill had caused a lot of uproar on Twitter when he accused Drake of not writing his own lyrics, and this had caused some diss songs travelling on the web, and fans of each artistes and fans of hip-hop pitching their tent in support of their own artiste.



We prviously posted a leak to the song of Nicki Minaj ex, Samuel Safaree, Love the most. The 5mins song is now released and you can all listen to it as the young man who still seems to be in pain sings about their relationship.


Some of the things he said is Nicki is not proud of him at all and she is always hiding him in her pictures and had to take a while for people to know who he is.He said maybe is he not cool enough. He also said that Nicki was not ready to have his baby, but claims he still have love for Nicki, no matter what happens between them.

I’m still your biggest fan and I don’t even need a front row / I know I’m not perfect, you was paying all the bills / You remember what you told me when you wasn’t on them pills?”

It is sad to see them breakup, hear the full track here:


Well Nicki Minaj doesn't waste time in replying his ex-boyfriend. He advised Samuel to move on and she is in love with someone else, Meek Mill.

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Nicki Minaj ex, Samuel Safaree is not feeling too good with the break up that happened between himself and Nicki Minaj. In a new song that was leaked and supposed to fully drop this weekend, "love me most ". Safaree opens up on the dirty laundry on Nicki Minaj and talks Nicki Minaj infidelity, not wanting to have his baby and trying to make him jealous by showing off her relationship with his new boyfriend, Meek Mill.


                                                     Safaree and Nicki Minaj

Safaree talks about how he is always showing smiling faces, but always sad inside. He talks about Nicki Minaj and Nas steamy kiss in the "Right By My Side" video. He said : 

Had to watch you kiss Nas and pretend it’s all cool. Inside I was feeling like a m—–f—ing fool


Listen to the track here