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Nigerian youths have taken to Twitter to talk about the police brutality they had encountered from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad unit. Nigerians detailed their different nightmares they have over the years received from the member of the Anti-robbery squad.

Nigerians complained about the corruption, threatening of life and properties, harassment(including sexual harassment), unlawful killings, and unprofessional attitude of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad. These men, according to Nigerians on Twitter will approach any good looking men with expensive outfit or cars, and labelled them internet fraudsters.








The #EndSARS started on Saturday and has been trending on Nigeria Twitter after a news of how SARS had shot a young man in the head in Lagos. 

The Nigeria government had stayed mute on the ENDSARS hashtag since it started, while the only person that had responded is presidential aspirant, Abubakar Atiku. Atiku tweeted;


There is no response from the Buhari media team or from the vice-president. 

Some Nigerians are also looking to take the issue outside Twitter and organise a rally to let the government know that Nigerian youths are not safe with SARS around their communities.



This is a scary story and Nigerians should learn from this to be careful as the people that were meant to protect lives and properties are now on the loose to convict and exploit people of their money.


A user on a Nigerian forum, Nairaland, with the username"iamdotune" shared a story of how his dad and himself were almost implicated by the Nigeria police. Dotun said :

My dad and I were coming back from office, we saw a police man that stopped us and pleaded to carry him to his check point, my dad being a kind man allowed him in and then told me to come and seat with him at the back seat so the official can seat in the front with the driver. We never got to any check point before the policeman said he's okay here that he should alight..

We dropped him, then we saw two bullets rolled down from underneath the front seat to my dads leg, we were not conscious, he was like what a pity this man forgot a bullet, we couldn't turn back and give the bullet back so he took it and threw it out from the window. We got to police checkpoint they stopped us, asked for some particulars, though our glass was tinted they asked for that too, the man checking the particulars insisted it was a stop and search we should come down, then I started thanking God that what if we never found the bullet..

They searched and searched and found nothing they made a signal and one guy went a feet ahead to make a call, came back annoyed then my dad knew what was going on, I'm pretty sure he never thought of the bullet then he said haven't you searched enough and then they let us go.. That was wen he said did they want to implicate me or what when i was thinking they forgot a bullet.

We will expect our readers to share any similar story like Dotun so we can publish it, it is good to reveal this evil art and the perpetrators now before they ruin the life of an ordinary Nigerian.


The Nigeria police are known for their arresting innocent civilians and asking them irrelevant documents, just to make sure they can get to their police station and extort money from them. This week, Nigeria twitter mock the Nigeria police force with hashtg "#9jaPoliceBeLike", narrating some of the things they say to get you to pay or take you away. Some of it are hilarious, while some are just truth.


Read this with a laugh :











Bayelsa, Nigeria: The police attached to an undisclosed senior official had shot a man in the thigh over a 2000 Naira argument. Adamu Mohammed, 34 year old labourer had helped a lady cleared a piece of land and had billed her 3000 Naira after the job is completed.


  The Nigeria policeman drags a protester during Fuel subsidy, one of the biggest protest in Nigeria

The woman agreed to the terms and Mohammed started the job. When the job was finished, the woman said she will pay a thousand Naira, which he rejected and reminded her of their agreement before the job started.

The woman then agreed on a fee of 2000 Naira, which the young man also rejected. This makes the woman furious and called on the police-attachee to  help defend her case. The police officer supported the lady and while the argument continues, Adamu Mohammed was shot in the thigh, this according to the police was done to immobilise him.

Mohammed said the woman had first called a civil defence officer, who later lied against him that he stabbed him, and that is why the police had shot him in the thigh without asking any questions.

Mohammed family said that he had been taken to the traditional hospital where he is currently receiving treatment. The police officers had visited the victim's family and ask them not to lodge a a formal complaint, instead should allow them to get money and help with his hospital bills.