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Meek Mill needs to stop Tweeting and get inside the booth to put something out. Earlier today, we all saw the diss from Drake, Back To Back, and also released one 2 days ago, "Charged up". Well, Nicki Minaj ex, Safaree also dropped a diss track for Meek Mill and it's about to be a hot diss atmosphere in the hip-hop world.

Safaree diss Meek Mill for his album sales, with lines like, You dream about Drake numbers in your nightmares, and also not leaving his shape behind saying, "You need to eat a pear”


And wait, Safaree claims to write some songs on the Pinkprint album. And wait, here are some OMG bars Meek Mill needs to address in his next diss track ;

 This ni**a bent outta shape with a gorilla face, My bars on the Pinkprint no one will ever match / My dick-print lil ni**a, you could never match.

And he also drop some for his ex, Nicki Minaj

I left and I don’t want it back,F*ck if you cheated, 12 years a slave anyway

Listen To the track here :



Amidst the beef between Meek Mill And Drake, the MMG/Dreamchasers artiste have dropped video for one of the best songs on the recently released "Dreams Worth More Than Money" album.

All Eyez on me features Meek Mill boo, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown. Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj showed their love to the world in the video, as she walks into the room with just her towel, and he carried her with her legs around her waist and steamy scenes followed.

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The video is directed by Benny Boom, and it is fun to watch...




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After the rift between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift has finally apologised to Nicki Minaj again via Twitter. The "Bad Blood" crooner tweeted at Nicki Minaj and said she misunderstood the Nicki Minaj tweet, " I'm sorry, Nicki."



Nicki Minaj also accepted the apology of Taylor Swift and told her what she just did, meant a lot to her :



Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift are in some bad blood we might not know about until after the MTV VMA nomination list was released a few hours ago. Nicki Minaj tweeted after the nominations list came out that her video for "Anaconda" and "Feeling myself" was snubbed and she said:


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Taylor Swift, whose video "Bad Blood" was nominated for the video of the year believes the tweet was about her quickly responded to Nicki Minaj. The "Bad Blood" video features slim women like Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and Lily Aldridge.


Nicki Minaj seems surprised at the reply of Taylor Swift as she doesn't seem to be referring to her then responded with :


 Then probably seeing she might have misinterpreted the tweet of Nicki Minaj tweeted at her and invited her to the stage if she wins any award :


No, you are not getting that off easy, Nicki Minaj continues to tweet and talk about how she feels about the politics in the MTV VMA awards, and also retweeted every tweet her fans used in blasting Taylor Swift.


Nicki Minaj has shut down the recent wish of his boo, Meek Mill on Twitter. While promoting his recent album, DWMTM on DJ Whoo kid' radio show, the rapper was asked if it is true that Nicki Minaj is pregnant, but the rapper said that Nicki is not pregnant.



Nicki Minaj who was surprised with the interview took to Twitter and ask for the video. And she got this to say :



Meek Mill is a happy man now as his recently released album his doing fine with over 200, thousand sold in the first week. The MMG/Dreamchasers rapper was in the studio with DJ Self on Power 105.1 and he decided to let out some of the fire that is left after his album records. Meek Mill freestyles over Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm (Remix),” Future’s “F**k Up Some Commas,” and Young Dolph’s “Preach.”


Meek Mill really went hard on the Mic in his freestyles, get a feel of some of his lyrics: “Did five months, came home, and got smarter / First week 200 thous off the rip / Touched down and I bagged Nicki off the rip / Put that big heart on her finger, yeah, that’s my chick / No, I don’t call her bitch ’cause she a young queen from Queens.”

Listen to his freestyle here:



According to HITS, Meek Mill album is topping the chart and he dude is really happy about that.

In another interview, Meek Mill addresses the news that went viral that Nicki Minaj is Pregnant, and said at the moment, Nicki is not pregnant, but he wish, she is pregnant :

See Video:



"What they gon do, Meek and Nick" That is the lyrics from Nicki Minaj, from  the recently dropped song from Meek Mill Feat Chris Brown and his main chick, Nicki Minaj. The single drops as Meek Mill prepares to drop his sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money" this Monday.


The video is being done and should be out in a few weeks too. The album will feature the likes of Drake, Diddy, Future, Rick Ross, The Weeknd.

Listen to Song here :




We prviously posted a leak to the song of Nicki Minaj ex, Samuel Safaree, Love the most. The 5mins song is now released and you can all listen to it as the young man who still seems to be in pain sings about their relationship.


Some of the things he said is Nicki is not proud of him at all and she is always hiding him in her pictures and had to take a while for people to know who he is.He said maybe is he not cool enough. He also said that Nicki was not ready to have his baby, but claims he still have love for Nicki, no matter what happens between them.

I’m still your biggest fan and I don’t even need a front row / I know I’m not perfect, you was paying all the bills / You remember what you told me when you wasn’t on them pills?”

It is sad to see them breakup, hear the full track here:


Well Nicki Minaj doesn't waste time in replying his ex-boyfriend. He advised Samuel to move on and she is in love with someone else, Meek Mill.

See Nicki Minaj tweet here:


Nicki Minaj ex, Samuel Safaree is not feeling too good with the break up that happened between himself and Nicki Minaj. In a new song that was leaked and supposed to fully drop this weekend, "love me most ". Safaree opens up on the dirty laundry on Nicki Minaj and talks Nicki Minaj infidelity, not wanting to have his baby and trying to make him jealous by showing off her relationship with his new boyfriend, Meek Mill.


                                                     Safaree and Nicki Minaj

Safaree talks about how he is always showing smiling faces, but always sad inside. He talks about Nicki Minaj and Nas steamy kiss in the "Right By My Side" video. He said : 

Had to watch you kiss Nas and pretend it’s all cool. Inside I was feeling like a m—–f—ing fool


Listen to the track here

The relationship between Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill seems to be having some cracks at the moment as the two artists who had been head over heel in recent time fight it dirty on social media. While Meek Mill tends to love Nicki Minaj, he can't cope with the way Nicki talks as if she don't care at all.


The two couples who seem to be at loggerhead took to social media to let their fans know there is trouble in paradise with their relationship at the moment. 

Nicki shares a pictured she re-instragrammed from Draya about loving a damaged person :


Meek Mill without wasting much time took to Twitter and talk about how someone needs to let out their feelings..


We not sure what might have caused washing a dirty linen in public, but we believe they fix it soon.