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Isabel Ann Richardson, 12 year old girl from Norwich had killed herself after posting self harm pictures on Instagram. Isabel had been feeling lonely, 'worthless' and 'empty' after she loseS her mother to breast cancer in 2010.

Isabel brother had called their father,  Stephen Richardson and told him about the pictures Isabel had posted on Insagram, their father came home to check for the 12 year old, but found her hanging in her room. She was rushed to the hospital, but died 6 days after


According to the inquest by Norfolk Coroner's Court, Isabel had talked to her dad about harming herself five weeks before she later hung herself. After he was informed about Isabel harming herself, the two started seeing a school nurse and were referred to bereavement services Nelson's journey. She was also supposed to speak with a youth counsellor a day before she was found dead.

Mr Richarson said his daughter told him that she had stopped harming herself, and he thought she was more happier after the meetings. He also added that ;

  I was aware of her self harm, but I never thought for a second she would do anything like take her own life. I will always think I could have done more


A lot of woman most comfortable time is when they are about to throw the bra away after a long day's work. There have been debates whether ladies should wear a bra to sleep or not. In this write-up, we will share our ideas, comments are welcome.


The main reasons, most ladies don't wear a bra to bed is because they believe it allows them to breathe easily, more comfortable and easily prevent breast cancer. But really, that are not the reasons not to wear a bra to bed.

Going to bed with the bra will not cause breast cancer as you have believed. During the menstrual period, the function of the lymph node in the armpit was to drain the lymph, breast waste - a defence system of the body against cancer.

If you choose to wear a bra to sleep, wear a bra that is mild and has no frame, Bra with frames cause friction while you sleep and roll around, this might cause the formation of cysts.

Wearing tight bra will affect the physiological functions of the breast. It can reduce blood circulation and lymphatic drainage restrictions. And can also lead to chronic inflammation, edema (water retention) and discomfort.

Will Not Wearing Bra Make You Uncomfortable

Pregnant women or those who possess large breasts (34D) or more often will be very uncomfortable to sleep without wearing bra. 

Cosmetic surgeon Douglas McGeorge British said, 

" big breasts poured into horizontal vulnerable side when you lie. This can cause unpleasant skin insertion and stretch marks . In this case, a bra can help mitigate the aging process

The aesthetic surgeon Angelica Kavouni from England said that "wearing bra can give you comfort while sleeping but it is not enough to prevent sagging breasts.

Causes of breast sagging are breastfeeding and pregnancy, and age and genetics are the ones that determine the extent of sagging. If the size of your breasts is above C then choose a soft – cup style, without much fasteners or hardware, which will provide some support from sagging. For all others sizes, the bra is not preventing sagging in any way. -Nifymag

In summary, 

Your breasts will be healthy, whether you wear or not wear bra at night, just do anything that makes you comfortable.

Ladies over to you, Do you wear a bra to bed or not? reasons


Breast Cancer detection

Breast cancer is one of the cancer that had taken away a lot of women from us and there have been campaigns to help stop the spread of breast cancer and moreover educate the ladies more on breast cancer and how to prevent it.

Research as shown that signs of breast cancer may include ; lump in the breast, a change in the shape of the breast, a fluid coming out from the nipple, skin dimples, a red scaly patch of skin among others.

Breast cancer stages range from early, curable breast cancer to metastatic breast cancer, with a variety of breast cancer treatments. So today we want to educate women on how they can discover breast cancer at the very early stage using a picture. Please try this to check your breast and if you feel anything unusual, contact your doctor as soon as possible.


Look at the orange and see if you have any touchy feeling in your breast, if yes, consult your doctor

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