Should You Wear A Bra To Sleep?

A lot of woman most comfortable time is when they are about to throw the bra away after a long day's work. There have been debates whether ladies should wear a bra to sleep or not. In this write-up, we will share our ideas, comments are welcome.


The main reasons, most ladies don't wear a bra to bed is because they believe it allows them to breathe easily, more comfortable and easily prevent breast cancer. But really, that are not the reasons not to wear a bra to bed.

Going to bed with the bra will not cause breast cancer as you have believed. During the menstrual period, the function of the lymph node in the armpit was to drain the lymph, breast waste - a defence system of the body against cancer.

If you choose to wear a bra to sleep, wear a bra that is mild and has no frame, Bra with frames cause friction while you sleep and roll around, this might cause the formation of cysts.

Wearing tight bra will affect the physiological functions of the breast. It can reduce blood circulation and lymphatic drainage restrictions. And can also lead to chronic inflammation, edema (water retention) and discomfort.

Will Not Wearing Bra Make You Uncomfortable

Pregnant women or those who possess large breasts (34D) or more often will be very uncomfortable to sleep without wearing bra. 

Cosmetic surgeon Douglas McGeorge British said, 

" big breasts poured into horizontal vulnerable side when you lie. This can cause unpleasant skin insertion and stretch marks . In this case, a bra can help mitigate the aging process

The aesthetic surgeon Angelica Kavouni from England said that "wearing bra can give you comfort while sleeping but it is not enough to prevent sagging breasts.

Causes of breast sagging are breastfeeding and pregnancy, and age and genetics are the ones that determine the extent of sagging. If the size of your breasts is above C then choose a soft – cup style, without much fasteners or hardware, which will provide some support from sagging. For all others sizes, the bra is not preventing sagging in any way. -Nifymag

In summary, 

Your breasts will be healthy, whether you wear or not wear bra at night, just do anything that makes you comfortable.

Ladies over to you, Do you wear a bra to bed or not? reasons