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The Kingsman secret service was a movie that was dropped on our laps in 2014, but later was one of the greatest movie that year, with the twist of the James Bond super spy kind of movie. The energy when the announcement of the "Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle" was pretty high, as I want to see what Taron Egerton(Eggsy) is going to  do this time to save the world.

The Kingsman 2 had a nice start with one of Eggsy old friends, who was rejected by the Kingman in the first series came to attack him, and a few scenes after that, I was losing interest in the movie, as it turned out to be boring and all over the place.


The Stupid

The sequel seems to do a lot with different unnecessary scenes that was making the scene look dumb. For a movie that was about spies, the destruction of the Kingsman headquarters of some of the movie villain,Julianne Moore- poppy in the movie was great, but how her drone got to enter the UK airspace and destroying one of their high intelligence building beats me. 

And who is Poppy? what is her connection to our favourite "Kingsman secret service," just another crazy lady that wants to bring in drugs, and want the government to legalize the drugs, the same woman that was able to bring make Billions of dollars and has her own drones like the Amazon prime in the sky? What is legalizing those drugs do to her? She had her ways already.

The previous Kingsman had a good plot twist that makes it easier to follow. Little Eggsy learning the ropes to be a good Kingsman, following in the footsteps of his father, after he met his father's friend and colleague, Colin Firth- Harry.

This sequel is just the producer throwing different screens at us, and want us to go with the flow,no character buildup, and for an 2 Intelligence agencies that seems to do the same thing, then the Statesmen in the US had one of the UK kingsman agentS, they had to keep him for years because they have no idea who he was, and Eggsy and Mark Strong- Merlin, had to find out he was alive only when they came to get equipment to re-build their UK setup.

That sounds dumb to me. We just had to go with Harry staying alive? 

Why Did Harry shoots Pedro Pascal- Agent Whiskey in the woods? This actually confused me, as I am sure it does with everybody. He said he had shot him because of his suspicion that he was probably working as a double agent. There was no concrete proof to back it up, until the last minute. Another dumb idea.

What I Hate

1- I am not happy with how the only female Kingsman, Roxy, played by Sophie Cookson was removed from the scene by one of Poppy missiles while she was targeting the Kingsman building and operatives.

2- The death of Merlin should have been done better, I would have preferred him dying in a shootout with some of Poppy's men, or him torn apart by the robotic dogs. Hate how he died with the whole explosion, and I believe he might still be alive, maybe he will re-appear in the third series.

3- When Harry was killed in the first movie of the Kingsman movie, his story ends there. I am not sure why he was brought back, or his relevancy to the Eggsy character. This is another reason why the movie was over the place because the producer had to focus on him and Eggsy, statesman crew and Poppy.

4- Why waste a character like Channing Tatum? Maybe to add a little comic to the scene, but in my opinion, it was totally not needed.

5- The watch they had on them could hack anything with a microship, but the robotic dogs get a passCool. A dog trying to kill you is still cute i guess...

6- So we have Poppy, Whiskey as villain, and why did the Kingsman decided to bring mine detector, even though they had no idea there will be a minefield, and Merlin still die by Mine.....that is laughable.

Funny/Great Moments

- You get to enjoy the Elton John wearing a rainbow suit and beating a man to death with his piano, and he also says some very funny line. Elton John scenes are quite great.

- Though the chemistry between Eggsy and his princess wasn't so great, but when he called her to ask her permission before sex was really good, and the line by the princess when he said he would only spend five minutes with her is some that gave the audience a good laugh.

- What stays in Glasto, stays in Glasto. What stays in Italy though can be disastrous...go figure.

-There was also a subliminal scene of an impeached president of the United States presented by Fox News, looks like a meme by the producer.

Final Thoughts On The Movie

Its ok for some stupid scenes, what I don't like is the boredom that comes with the stupidity. A mess, but it is something enjoyable. Something to go and see to waste some time with your lady this weekend, or laugh about.

If you are like myself, waiting to see another awesome sequel like it had happened in the first 2014 series, well, you might not only be disappointed, but you might end up writing your first movie review. 

Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle has joined other sequels that seems boring, 

If you have seen this movie and have a different opinion, please write that in the comment section.