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Activist and Pastor of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare have revealed to his congregation during the New Year church service that he would be running for the Presidency seat of the country. 

The pastor while speaking to his congregation in Lagos, Nigeria during the "12 revelations of the year 2018" told his church members that God in his recent encounter had said that he should not abandon his political career. Though he had told him to run for the presidency of the country, God did not reveal the appointed time to run for the position.


Speaking about the revelation, Pastor Tunde Bakare said;

This twelfth one is a difficult one for me. It may draw excitement or condemnation. I have tried my best to keep it (to myself) but the Holy Spirit will not allow me to do so. In my study around 4 a.m. on Sunday morning, God told me ‘you cannot bring your political career to a close; there is still more to do. Run for the presidency. I will do it at the appointed time.

Joseph (in the Bible) did not contest an election; yet, he became the prime minister of Egypt. Why must I worry myself about where to get the resources for the task? Your own duty in this assignment is to pray along with me. When it is the appointed time, He (God) will do it. When He tells me the time, you will hear about it.

Pastor Tunde Bakare is an outspoken religious leader who run was the running mate of the current President Muhammadu Buhari in 2011 under the Congress for Progressive Change. He was also outspoken against the presidency of the former President Goodluck Jonathan and was one of the outspoken figures in the #OccupyNigeria, one of the country's largest protests against fuel subsidy and a weak economy.

Tunde Bakare is receiving criticism from Nigerians after he went silent and not active against the current Nigerian government many has seen as weak on the economy and other sectors. The Pastor has not said much like he did against past government or join any rally.

Other notable Nigerians include the prolific writer, Wole Soyinka.




Today is another independence day in Nigeria, and this means that Nigeria is now 56 years old as an independent nation, away from its British masters. 

Since her independence, Nigeria as a nation has only come in contact with a government that keeps promising her good water, 24/7 stable electricity, Free medical or good hospitals, good road network and better transportation services and less corruption.

These and many more of those promises President Buhari and his party, APC, promised Nigerians home and abroad. I was excited of these promises, and was happy to get rid of Goodluck Jonathan, who was at that time seems like a place holder in the highest office of the country.


I am now personally happy to see Buhari rule this country because if he had failed again, a lot of Nigerians would have believed that [him] presiding over the nation would make it better. At least it is now looking like we as Nigerians are still in the same boat just as we were with Jonathan.

I was furious when I saw the headline of Muhammadu Buhari saying he would continue to blame the past administration for the current economic disarray, he added;

I am going to bore you with what we met. I know that I am being accused in the papers of passing the buck, but passing the buck is sometimes absolutely necessary to remind people who take things for granted.

When we came in, I screamed to high heavens because I had promised a lot while seeking votes.

I asked, where is the saving? There was no saving. There was no infrastructure, power, rails, roads, there was none. What did we spend the money on? I was told (on) buying food and petrol.

Where were the billions going? We conducted a study and found out that the oil marketers were committing fraud on at least one-third of what they were importing, which was about 25 per cent of our foreign exchange.

The youth must watch our elite, especially with the condition in which we have found ourselves. It is unpatriotic for anybody to pretend that economically we have no problem..

I have bored you with this long explanation because there are things that could be hidden from you by those that have mismanaged the country in the last 16, 17 years. 

There was no infrastructure, power, rails, roads, there was none:  I think we have heard this from your special adviser on media and publicity, Femi Adesina and Lai Mohammed. We are no longer interested to hear about it anymore, it makes an old man sounds like a whining baby. 

If you had told us you are going to be in government to whine and talk about the past administration, I would not have canvass votes for you or support your nomination, but you failed many times in getting to that position, and this time we believed you would do a great job,but it seems you are living in your own reality, and your people are telling you that you are doing a great job.

The truth is Nigerians are not after some silence policy, at this time in our democracy, we are into what we can feel and touch, we don't want abstract promises. If your government is doing or investing in anything that will change our lives in a year or two, update us and tell Femi and Lai to stop saying we will appreciate your government in 2-3 years. The truth is that if this government does not deliver promises in few years, look at Goodluck Jonathan.

I started loosing my trust in your campaign gradually when I started seeing Nepotism in your administration, but I don't care about it, as long as Nigerians are getting dividends of democracy, then its all good.

As an avid supporter and someone that supported your campaign, I believe that you should address while we still have incompetent people like Solomon Dalung, Minister of Youths and Sports in the office. That dude is a national disgrace to a country like Nigeria that loves and favours sport. 

Why did Mikel Obi have to pay for our boys in Rio Brazil? He does not know between U.S. and Nigeria. How did you make this guy our minister? Is this a return favour for his past deeds to you? This is a guy with no passion in sport, and messing up the sport ministry. 

Dalung was not updated about the hiring of the new U-23 super eagles coach, probably the NFF sees that he is a joke. 

Why don't you address the recent 91 illegal hired people in Central Banks of Nigeria? Evidence was released, and names was shown on how you and officials directed the CBN to hire close relatives into the CBN,probably why we have the Naira falling down, because we hired frauds, people that have no idea about money management.

It is a joy to always see Kenya developing quietly its own aviation industry, and no doubt, it is a great source of revenue for the Kenya government. Every time I am at any airport and see it, I am always glad, then I snapped like, "Ohh, it is Kenya airline and not Nigeria"


We have more than 10 aircraft with only your government, and It is not clear why you need 10 aircraft at your disposal, and Nigerians have to use ladders and try to catch a flight every time in Nigeria. Airlines in Nigeria treat their passengers with disrespect. They will sell tickets and tell passengers that the plane is full and people cannot get on, and nobody is talking.

Most countries aside from the G8 members all uses commercial flights that are always made for personal use when they are about to travel. Some countries have 2 planes for official use. One for international travels and when they have entourage, and the other for domestic travels alone(probably a small one, Cesna). Goodluck Jonathan had 10, and held on to it, and you promised to sell some of it, maybe re-open Nigeria airways, but till now, nothing to show for it.

The maintenance of your planes cost tax payer 5Billion Naira, but your PR guys said it was only 2.3 Billion, and now we are joking with billions of Naira in this economy Muhammadu, I think your "change" mantle is wearing out, and if you continue with this hypocritical change mantle, you might be the second incumbent president that lost to another opposition, and am not sure PDP would have a chance, unless they are brought Obama or Justin Trudeau for that position.

Sell the damn plane, and don't talk about a committee to do that, Just put the damn thing on sales, or convert it to domestic airlines for now. 

It is a shame if after we got our democracy, taxpayers pay for medical condition of its leaders. Do we serve you, or do you serve the people? You recently went to London to check out your ear infection, and from reports, you spent around 20Million Naira to fix an ear infection. 

Aside from the 20million for the price of the infection, am sure you will not sleep under a bridge, and you won't stay in a $10 room, and also your aides will stay close to you, not to mention the expensive dishes and shopping.

The last time former Akwa Ibom governor, Goodwill Akpabio had a minor accident, he ran like a chicken to UK for treatment, the same man that built what and his cabinet called "world class" hospital. 

When will Nigeria ends its medical tourism, this is what interest Nigerians. Are we going to build a new medical centre in states or do major upgrades for our doctors and medical practitioner. You should for once start doing something and stop telling us you are working.

Nigerians now go to South Africa for treatment, Some go to India. Just last year 1 BILLION Naira was used by Nigerian to treat themselves abroad. This is no longer acceptable, and this was some of the reasons I told my parents to vote for you and friends. The last time, she said, "we did what you asked us to do ooo, seems you did not get it right this time" and I told them to be patient, until you said you will be kept blaming past government for the woes.

It all sounded to me like, "I am here to fail, and when people complains, I will tell them Jonathan is the reason."

I am not sure we will allow or pray that will be the case, because Nigerians are not Americans, Americans democracy is like sports, once your parents wear a jersey of a team, that is what you support till you pass and give the baton to your son. So they support whoever is nominated by their party, even if the person is a braggadocios idiot. In Nigeria, we vote. Once again, ask Jonathan.

In 2016, in the midst of 17% inflation, -2% GDP contraction, & over 4millions jobs lost, the president of Nigeria launches his own Photobook. Are you Kim Kardashian? Who advised you we are eager to see you in Kaftan and agbada?

Where are our looted funds? What are we doing with it? Why is Dasuki not eating with inmate tonight? Why has the EFCC turned to Chihuahua, they only bark and bark, but cannot harm or have no action in them.

I have defended you, and all that you have done since you assumed office, but don't let it get to your head. If Jonathan ruined us, and suppose to be in jail, order for his arrest, don't have a meeting with this man, and later bite him in the back. Arrest him, and let us move on

Madueke is also in London, if she truly stole from our treasury, let the UK police know throw the woman in jail. 

Nigerian youth have all turned to beggars, everybody asking for school fees online, and you are telling us you will continue to blame someone we all voted out to bring you to Aso rock. If you cannot do the job, please resign, else SHUT UP AND DO THE DAAAAAAAM JOB.

Michelle Odogwu


Nigeria: Former Nigeria National security adviser, Sambo Dasuki is currently on trial after corruption charges allegation of him diverting $2Bn Boko-Haram fund to PDP top members and squandering the rest.


In a video that was shared on social media recently, it seems part of the squandered money was splashed on a lady on a private plane. 

According to the video making rounds on the internet, Dasuki can be seen smiling and working towards the lady, and sprayed the British currency on her, while passengers in the jet cheered him up, and the lady smiles.

Sambo Dasuki corruption was tagged #DasukiGate, and was one of the biggest corruption charges of Goodluck Jonathan administration.

See the video below:



The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has recently uncovered evidence of how 3.145billion was largely withdrawn from the Central Bank Of Nigeria to fund the 2015 President Jonathan campaign.

Some politicians that have been fingered to have shared the loot are: former aviation minister and director of media for the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign organization, Femi Fani-Kayode, leader of the Social Democratic Party and former secretary to the government of the Federation, Olu Falae, former Imo state governor, Achike Udenwa,  former finance minister, Nenadi Usman,former minister of state for foreign affairs, Viola Onwuliri and politician Okey Ezenwa.


According to the officials at EFCC who wants anonymity, the fee was transferred from the Central bank of Nigeria, and moved to a private firm, Joint Trust Dimension Nigeria Limited, and later sent to the suspects mentioned.

According to documents obtained by the EFCC, Fani-Kayode receives the largest share of the money, receiving N840million naira into his Zenith Bank account, with account number, 1004735721. The money was sent in three different batches. The first payment of N350million was sent in February, 19, 2015.

Olu Falae also got his share of the money through a company, Marreco company. He received a sum of 150million in his UBA account with account number, 1000627022 on March 25, 2014.

Achike Udenwa and Viola Onwuliri, according to the document received 350million each in 2 batches. Both received the money in two batches, with the first N150m sent to their Joint Zenith Bank account and the second batch was sent to their Diamond bank Joint account.

Nenadi Usman received 36.9m through her Zenith Bank with account number, 1000158311.

Okey Ezenwa,  who also is the Presidential Campaign Coordinator of President Goodluck Jonathan in Anambra State also got N100million

As of December 31, 2015, the balance in the  Joint Trust Dimension Nigeria Limited account was only N189, 402.72.

The detectives at EFCC headquarters are trying to unveil who was behind the Joint Trust Dimension Nigeria Limited. 

Femi Fani-Kayode denied receiving money from the CBN, he said he only received money from Director of finance of the campaign organisation, Nenadi Usman. Femi said;

I served as the director of publicity and I was told to set up an account for the directorate, which I did. I never received money from the CBN, but like all the other directors, we received money from the director of finance.

I was assured that the monies were not public funds but were sourced from private individuals. I never knowingly spent government money all through. The monies were spent specifically on the campaigns. The accounts were audited and we were commended by the President.


The recent appointments by President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday caused an uproar among Nigerians home abroad, as some Nigerians tagged the current government ethnic bigot, who is only interested in Northerners getting all the important posts in the country.


The recent appointments that caused the uproar includes ;

Engr. Babachir David Lawal -  Secretary to the Government  of the Federation

Alhaji Abba Kyari  - Chief of Staff to the President

Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (rtd.) - Comptroller-General, Nigerian Customs Service

Mr. Kure Martin Abeshi  - Comptroller-General, Nigerian Immigration Service

Senator Ita S.J. Enang - SSA to the President on National Assembly Matters (Senate)

Hon. Suleiman A. Kawu - SSA to the President on National Assembly Matters (House of Representatives)

The new chief of staff appointment, Alhaji Abba Kyari, angered a lot of Nigerians as they expressed their frustration on the president for only giving Northerners the job, because he is from the same region, and would have been better with a Southerner or someone from the Eastern part of the country.

From Doynews little finding, it seems Nigerians are still holding the grudge against the new president for removing the former president who many claimed, distributed the appointments accross different regions and not focused on the North.

These were the people Goodluck Jonathan appointed In Nigeria key positions, check them out;

Vice President -North. Namadi Sambo Kaduna State

Senate PresidentNorth. David Mark Niger State

Speaker House of Reps - North. Aminu Tambuwal Sokoto State

Head of Service - North. Danladi Kifasi Taraba State

INEC Chairman - North. Attahiru Jega Kebbi State

Inspector General of Police - North. Suleiman Abba Jigawa State

Chief Justice of Federation - North. Mahmud Muhammed Taraba State

President Court of Appeal - North. Zainab Adamu Bulkachuwa Gombe State

EFCC Chairman - North. Ibrahim Lamorde Adamawa State

Chief Judge Federal High Court - North. Ibrahim Auta Plateau

National Security Adviser - North. Sambo Dasuki Sokoto State

Chief of Defense Staff - North. Alex Badeh Adamawa State

Chief of Naval Staff - North. U.O Jibrin Kogi State

Comptroller General Customs -North Abdulahhi Diko Katsina State

Comptroller General Immigration- North David Shikfu Parradang Plateau State

Comptroller General Prisons- North Aminu A Suley Bauchi State

Defence Minister-North Aliyu Gusau Zamfara State

Education Minister- North. Ibrahim Shekarau Kano State

MD Port Authority- North. Habibu Abdullahi Kano State

MD Nigeria Deposit Insurance CorporationNorth Alh Umaru Ibrahim Kano State

Looks like their is nothing wrong in the current appointment of Muhammadu Buhari, and some people that had some hatred for the President are using their social media presence to spread unecessary news.

Nigerians should focus on getting the country to a new pLace and make the country more standard than it used to be, criticizing appointments should not be Nigerians, especially the youths problem.

Nigerians must stay together, though tribes and tongue may differ, but in brotherhood, Nigerians will achieve a lot.

Doy News



As Nigerians and the world watch Nigerians change the seat of power, the President-elect met with outgoing president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to show him around Aso rock and also the president-elect receives the hand over notes from President Goodluck Jonathan.


In the series of pictures shared by the out-going president media team, President Goodluck Jonathan can be seen showing Muhammadu Buhari around.

In his Facebook post, President Goodluck Jonathan shared this : 

  Today, I presented Hand Over notes to the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR. I urge once again that all Nigerians should pray for and cooperate with the incoming government. May God bless Nigeria. GEJ.


Goodluck Jonathan has reportedly turned down the chairmanship of the PDP BoT. The PDP has a party constitution to allow the outgoing presidents be the next BoT Chairman.


The secretary of the BoT, Ambassador Wali Jibrin briefed state house correspondent after a meeting with the board that, former minister of defence,Dr Haliru Bello has been appointed as the temporary chairman of the BoT for three months.

At the end of three months, a new candidate will be elected by the party. 

The former chairman of the party, Chief Tony Anenih had resigned as the chairman of BoT to allow President Goodluck Jonathan takes over in line with the constitution of the party.



A lot of outgoing presidents are known for their books writing, some will share some of the interesting things that happened while in government or why they took a decision that will later change their country or had shaped it .But President Goodluck Jonathan has yet to write a book of his own, maybe he is doing so, we cannot confirm that.


A Nigerian have put together what will be Goodluck Jonathan kind of book if ever one is later released.

The Chronicles of the Good man called Jonathan Ebele - 

Unknown Author, Otuoke University Press.



Preamble - Where i left my Thesis

Chapter 1 - My Missing Shoes

Chapter 2 - Corruption 101

Chapter 3 - That is NOT correct

Chapter 4 - The tale of 5 women: My responses to OBJ

Chapter 5 - God saved my wife

Chapter 6 - CHAI!!!

Chapter 7 - The blood we are sharing 

Chapter 8 - I was not consulted : The truth about Election Postponement

Chapter 9 - For the love of Milk : The milk queue saga

Chapter 10- I am not slow

Chapter 11- Yam and Goat philosophy

Chapter 12- Electricity problems i solved

Chapter 13- Malala changed my heart: Chibok girl will be found

Chapter 14- The act of managing reports and commitee

Chapter 15- Nigerians will miss my wife

Chapter 16- My reasons for #BringBackGoodluckJonathan

Chapter 17- Aso Rock was my cage/prison

Chapter 18- DiaRis God


Books available at the GEJ Library

Location: Withheld from non-Otuoke residents

Ebook available at: 

For enquires: twitter: Realmamapeace

What do you think?


Buhari voting

The gubernatorial elections and house of assembly held in Nigeria see the massive turnout of some Nigeria leaders and aspiring gubernatorial candidates at their different polling units. We bring you some of the photos from the different polling units in Nigeria.

                      Akinwunmi Ambode

                                  Akinwunmi Ambode, Lagos state gubernatorial candidate

                         Jimi Agbaje

                                   Jimi Agbaje, Lagos state gubernatorial candidate

                           Governor and his wife

                                                      Governor Fashola and his wife

                             Goodluck Jonathan

                                                 Goodluck Jonathan getting Accredited

                           Namadi Sambo

                                                Namadi Sambo in his polling units