boko killing in Yola

Yola, Nigeria: 31 people dead and 38 injured after a bomb blast rocked the city of Yola, Adamawa today. It was the closing hour and traders are rushing to go home, while some prepare or the night market, there is traffic gridlock, and 2 suicide bombers using the overcrowding of the market to commit the violent act killing 31 and injuring others.


The explosion occured at the front of Jimeta market around 7.45pm. After the incident, this are the comments from people.

I can see blood splattered everywhere, including my car, but I can’t give any detail because we are all running,” bread seller Ayuba Dan Mallam

We just finished observing the Maghrib prayer when we heard a loud blast near the market,” You know many traders also come out of the market and display their wares outside the main market to also observe the night market. There was even traffic gridlock in the area with many Keke Napep (tricycle taxi) operators jostling for passengers when the bomb exploded--Aliyu said

No terrorist group has claimed the attack that happened at the market, but authority believes it is the work of the deadly Boko Haram insurgency that had been troubling the Northeastern part of the country for 6 years