Vladmir Putin Is Getting Rid Of Microsoft As Its Product Can Be Used For Cyber Warfare

Russian president, Vladmir Putin is looking into sending away foreign software companies from Russia as soon as possible. The move is to cut down the usage of foreign software companies in Russia, especially Microsoft products, as he believed they could be used in Cyber warfare against Russia by the U.S.


The president believes that Microsoft products like Windows and office could be used to infiltrate Russia systems.

In a document obtained from the US Homeland security, it was revealed that Russian hackers used malware injected into a Microsoft product to shut down the Ukrainian electrical grid last year, and Putin thinks such tactics can be used by the Americans on Russia as well, NBC reports.

Russia is now in the process of getting rid of both Microsoft products from local or state-controlled level, and will push for the adoption of a local solution that can be easily controlled and looked into in the case of spying.

The social network for professionals, LinkedIn have recently been banned in Russia. This is one of the company Microsoft just purchased, and now it is going to ban the Microsoft products too.