Rick Ross Arrested For The Second Time In One Month

Rick Ross is being arrested again for the second time, the rapper was apprehended on June 24 with charges of Kidnapping,aggravated battery and aggravated assault.The rapper has allegedly "pistol whipped" an employee who had worked for him in his home earlier this month. He was apprehended and arrested at his residence.


Rick Ross bodyguard was also arrested as we was named a suspect in the case. Rick Ross and his bodyguard had allegedly gotten into a fight with the man which led to the rapper "pistol-whipping" his employee.

This is Rick Ross second arrest in 1 month, on June 10, the rapper was arrested when he was pulled over for a tinted window,and later arrested when cops smell Marijuana in his car. He was later released on a drug misdemeanour charge. 

He was nabbed by the police in Fayette County, Georgia.