Police In Cleveland In Search Of Steve Stephens For Killing A Man On Facebook Live

Police in Cleveland are looking for a man who killed a 74-old man on Facebook live. Steve Stephens broadcast himself on Facebook live, and claimed in the video that he had killed 13 people, and he is working on killing the 14th person.


Steve in his video said;

I killed 13, so I'm working on 14 as we speak. I'm just driving around hitting motherf*****s, man. I just snapped man, f**k.

In a statement by the police on Sunday, Steve Stephen is described as a dangerous and armed. Though Stephens said that he killed 13 people, police have only been able to confirm the death of  Robert Godwin Sr., 74.

As Stephens approached the old, and asked Goodwin "Can you do me a favour?," and asked that he say a name of a lady, Goodwin confused, he said, "I don't know anybody by that name." Stephens then said, "She's the reason, why, uh, this is about to happen to you."

Police have also reported that Stephens car  is a white Ford Fusion and have the Ohio temp tag of  E363630.

 Steve Stephens showing a badge said that he is outside the workplace of his former girlfriend, and blame his former girlfriend and his mother for the rampage, and said he is not afraid to go to "go to death row."