Nicki Minaj Robbery, Meek Mill Denied Any Involvement

The predicted "power couple" status between Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have hit the wall. Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj have been seen together on different occasions, and while we have seen different engagement rings on their Instagram and social media posting, taunting fans that the relationship seems to be going fine, all that seems to have hit the brick and the lovers seems to have finally quit the affair.


Since the breakup, Nicki reunited with his label mates, Lil Wayne and Meek Mill arch-rival, Drake. But while the reunion was going fine for Nicki Minaj, vandals went to her $30,000 a month leased property and destroyed the whole place.


The attack on her mansion seems personal as the vandals destroyed flipped furniture, broke picture frames, and some of her clothes were cut into different pieces.  They also took some of her expensive, and all of the damages and robbery are estimated to be $200,000.

Nicki had moved into the mansion with her now ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill, but it was Nicki name that was on the document.

Meek Mill Involvement

Meek Mill has been known to be with a lot of his friends, who always stand up for him when he is being betrayed or fight for him as their sign of loyalty to his person. 

One of those was when Beanie Siegel, who had supported Meek Mill against The Game during their beef later stop his support for Meek Mill, and pitch his tent with The Game. A man in his 30s, which also happen to be Meek Mill cousin attacked him during a show at the backstage, and knocked Beanie unconscious. This is for supporting The Game, and also saying things against Meek Mill.

So when the robbery happened, Nicki Minaj fans pointed their fingers to Meek Mill boys once again, and some said he had arranged for the robbery, something he denied when TMZ caught up with him.

Meek said he won't do a thing like that, and showed the interviewer the chain on his neck and claimed to be $450, 000 and a wrist-watch he claimed is $80,000 on his wrist. See video;