The New 2Pac Movie Is Trash, Stories Fabricated - 50 Cent & Jada Pinkett Smith

The new 2pac movie, "All Eyez on Me" has not gotten the great welcome like fans anticipated. A character that was displayed in the movie was Jada Pinkett Smith had come out to correct some of the portrayals her character in the 2Pac days, and she tweeted all about the errors.

Jada Pinkett Smith character was played by Kat Graham, and while she has no problem with the character, she is not happy with the relationship the movie portrayed, she tweeted;


She then gave a shout out to Kat Graham that portrayed her character and Demetrius Shipp Jr that played 2Pac role;


Another celebrity that is not happy about the 2Pac myopic is 50 Cent, the rapper has gone on Instagram to rant about the movie, and said it was too boring, he wanted to change the channel. The rapper wrote in parts via Instagram post;

Man I watched the 2 PAC film, that was some bullsh**. Catch that sh*t on a fire stick trust me. LOL SMH TRASH

I'm a big 2 PAC fan, I just don't think his story was done well he deserved better. Check it out, the shit felt like I was watching a life time TV movie in a theater. I wanted to change the channel. The new edition story was better then that sh**. SMH