How Mobile Games Aim to Keep You Coming Back

Ever since the emergence of the smartphones, one of the ways developers has been able to hold down the market through the release of games and different mobile applications.

In 2016, the global game market reaches $99.6 Billion, a 8.5% rise compared to 2015, and also taking a larger share than the PC which is only $36.9 Billion. (cite: Newzoo)

The growth of the Mobile game industry can be attributed to different tactics that the industry have crafted to lure games to always come back for more like the character Oliver Twist.

Some of the tactics used by the gaming industry as observed by our Tech writer includes;

Reinventing The Console Popular Games

Console game industries have now included player’s popular games into the smartphones, popular games like the Nintendo Mario, Sega have all been added to the mobile phones.

Folks that have played this type of games in the past are excited to re-live that old memories of their childhood on their smartphones now, and most of this game has also been made more interesting with pecks that the console lacks.

There are many cool online games such as online blackjack games that you can play from your pc and it is now available on mobile.

DIY Tactics

The Gaming industry is not just looking into bring back the video games into the smartphones, they have also adopted different methods that will make gamers come back to the app.

Some of the tactics are letting users create their own character, and equipping it with their weapon of choice, in the case of action games.

This method allows players to be part of the experience of the game, and not just using what they are forced to use. Players get to use their weapon of choice depending on the levels. Some gears are not made available to the player unless after reaching a stage in the game, something the gamer would like to accomplish, hence coming back.

Most of these games also allow players have a digital currency to purchase items in the game, this might be a reward, opening the game after 24hrs interval or finishing a particular stage.

Side Challenges

Mobile games have also adopted the tricks of giving its players side challenges from the real story, this sometimes is to keep them a new experience from the story mode challenge they have been playing.

Games like Asphalt 8 from Gameloft have trapped players like myself from going back to enjoy the story mode challenges, sometimes just to have fun with new stages and new cars, to acquire more digital currency for my story mode.