Bali 9 : Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan With Six Others Executed, Spared A Filipino

The Bali 9 duos who have been in the news for sometime now, Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan have been executed along with six others. They were killed by Indonesian firing squad shortly after midnight on Wednesday.

The prisoners were taken to Nusakambangan Island and were shot dead by 12 police privates, armed with rifles at 25 minutes past 12am. The Indonesian government has ignored pleas for clemency from the victims family and Australian international officials.


                        Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan have been executed

The pair last wishes was to have KFC and Sukumuran had pledged to face the firing squad with strength and dignity.

Family members of the duo have taken to twitter to grieve their love ones :

   To my cousin Myu... I love you more than you can imagine,' he wrote. 'Your legacy will live on. I promise. Save me a place in heaven. #Bali9

   Thank you all means the world to know all you beautiful people support my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Real talk

One of the convicted prisoner, Mary Jane Veloso was spared from the firing squad after a new detail emerged from her own case.

The lawyer who represented the duo, took to Twitter and have this to say :


Family members had a night vigil and stayed nearby the gate, lit white candles and sang "Hallelujah" just outside the gate. Hundreds of people have gathered to see if they could catch a glimpse of the execution taking place in some kilometres away.


                      Myuran Sukumaran mother cries as husband tries consoling her

Their bodies will be handed over to the Australian embassy in Indonesia. 

The execution will bring an end to the 10 years imprisonment of the Bali 9 duos after they were caught as ringleaders of a drug smuggling group, with drugs worth over a $4m. The duo have been rehabilitated in Kerobokan prison, Sukumaran is now an accomplished artist, whereas Chan, an ordained pastor.


                         Myuran Sukumaran sister cries, Please don't take my brother away from me

The EU, Australian and French governments released a joint statement saying: 

We fully respect the sovereignty of Indonesia. But we are against the death penalty in our country and abroad.

The execution will not give deterrent effect to drug trafficking or stop the other from becoming victims will abuse drugs. 

To execute these prisoners now will not achieve anything

The Australian government said it would retaliate if the executions go through, and the Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop,  has said, there would be "consequences" while speaking to press on Tuesday, but did not name the consequences.


                                   Last picture of Myuran Sukumaran, showing a bleeding heart

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